Who is Ted Christensen Gallery and what do I do?

Ted Christensen Gallery is a freelance graphic design studio and art gallery wholly owned and operated by myself, Ted Christensen of Courtenay, British Columbia.

The gallery and design studio focuses on premium computer created fine art. This art is personalized and custom to its clients, catered specifically to their exact needs and requirements, with additional artistic flair.

In congruence with fine art, Ted Christensen offers a variety of graphic art services to my clients.

Whatever my client’s needs, I will deliver with prompt, courteous service; the final product accurate and exact to what was requested and needed.


    As the studio's name implies, it is my intention to blend graphic design with fine arts.

    But the studio is not just about graphic design. I am an artist - whether it is the technical aspects of graphics, or the emotional fuel of story telling and visual art.

    It is the belief in the studio that the produced image should tell part of a larger story, draw the viewer into the created world and make them feel as though they are part of it.

    Thus, the focus of the art is on character and scene layout, to create this story in a single image.

    Such art is well suited for covers, interior illustrations, and display pieces.


    Business branding is more than just pretty designs or a simple name.

    A successful branding should contain the core values and ideals of your business into one concise graphic that is presented to potential clients or customers.
    This design should not only be able to be duplicated in full brilliant colour, but maintain its strength in greyscale or black & white.

    My clients are offered the following services to get their business graphics noticed:

    • Logo Creation
    • Business Branding
    • Online Presence Design
    • Computer Graphics
    • Print and Sign Design
    • Banners and Promotions
    • Illustration
    • Writing and Editing
    • Full Colour Custom Imagery

    I also provide a more personal design service for those requiring non-business related design work and/or smaller print runs.

    Such services are designed for individual clients who do not need extensive professional design work, but still want to retain the quality of a designer in their product.

    These services can include such products as:

    • Personal Cards/Calling Cards
    • Invitations (wedding, party, etc.)
    • Holiday Cards
    • Photo-retouching
    • Small Online Presence Design
    • Personal Signage